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Welcome to Island Jeeperz,


We are your local experience, providing an unforgettable experience of sightseeing and transportation throughout our breathtaking island destinations. Think of us as the Uber of jeep clubs!
What's an island vacation without a local experience? Sign up to become a member and learn more about our jeep adventures.  No jeep, no problem, you can become a member for free. If you are a jeep owner living on an island, join us in revealing the secrets of your island.
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Experience the best of what Island Jeeperz has to offer.

Click the destination to receive driver bio and information about island tours. 

Own a Jeep Wrangler and live on an island? Join Island Jeeperz and turn your passion into profit! Creating a profile with a bio and island information is easy. Design exciting tour packages like a 3-hour island adventure for just $200. You set the prices and negotiate directly with your clients. No worries, Island Jeeperz won't charge your clients; we simply connect you two. Choose a membership package that suits you, and enjoy the option of sharing videos and reviews on your page. Keep your current club while adding this exciting opportunity. With Island Jeeperz, you can showcase your Jeep's beauty, show off your amazing island, and make some serious money in the process. Join now and start earning today!
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At Island Jeeperz,

jeep enthusiast

We have assembled a passionate community of jeep enthusiasts who are ready to share their love for exploration and the open road. Our members are located across the Caribbean, ensuring that wherever you go, an Island Jeeperz member is nearby, ready to offer their local expertise and a thrilling ride.

Whether you're seeking an off-road excursion, a scenic coastal drive, or a convenient mode of transportation during your island getaway, Island Jeeperz has got you covered. Our members are skilled drivers and knowledgeable guides, eager to showcase the hidden gems and iconic landmarks that make each island destination unique.



Our esteemed leaders have dedicated themselves to creating an extraordinary platform that supports local jeep owners and provides an unparalleled service to tourists. To sustain our operations and continue providing exceptional experiences, we rely on our jeep owner’s monthly membership fees, which contribute to the growth and sustainability of our club.

So, whether you're seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure, a picturesque drive along the coastline, or simply a unique way to explore the Caribbean, choose Island Jeeperz as your trusted companion. Let us be your gateway to unforgettable memories, breathtaking vistas, and the thrill of the open road.
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